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I have been working with Bob since December 2014 and I went from inexperienced and unprofitable to gaining confidence and profitability in less than 4 months! Bob is great!      Matt F.

Bob showed me how to source product on-line, in stores and even had me accompany him to a trade show where I learned about establishing wholesale accounts. I went from making $575 in sales in May of 2014 to over $10,000 in December 2014.    Mario D.

Bob’s coaching was fantastic! His knowledge and years of experience as an Amazon FBA seller himself helped me cut down the learning curve substantially. He never misdirected or misguided me -I highly recommend Bob.     Eric O.

Through all of the hype online with people trying to sell classes or programs to make yourself rich I found Bob Willey. . I can’t recommend him highly enough.”      Pat F.

“In all my years of being in and owning my own business, I have spent into the low $100,000’s of thousands of dollars on mentors, coaches, consultants, seminars and boot camps. But I have never gotten as quick a Return-on-Investment or consistent ROI as I have with my short relationship with Bob.   — Larry C.

Bob has an extensive background in online selling and tremendous knowledge for just about every situation an online seller will come across. Bob is so well respected in the online selling community his connections and resources are all top notch and add a huge amount of value to Bob’s services.   Carsten T.  

I highly recommend Bob Wiley to people who need assistance understanding Amazon selling and how to best utilize your time and efforts to become successful. He is a gifted mentor and a gem to anyone in the business.       Melissa G.


I was looking for a way to supplement my income and knew absolutely nothing about selling products online. I knew I needed a good education. I found Sensei Bob and signed up for a few coaching sessions to get me started. He’s been my mentor ever since – and he’s not ever going to get rid of me. Over the past year he has helped me to transition from a struggling newby to a real online seller with thousands of products in multiple genres. From simple answers to complex strategy issues, he’s been generous with his time, his wealth of knowledge and his sense of humor. I could not imagine being where I am without him to guide me. He is, by far, the most knowledgeable person I know in the area of online selling. I couldn’t be happier working with him.          Diane P.

Bob has been a God-send for me and my business! His support, tips and advice have helped steer me in the right direction. His availability and generosity with his time have been much appreciated. I was feeling completely lost and overwhelmed when I started with Bob, but with his help, I now feel very much on top of my business.
Thanks, Bob! I could not have done it without you!     Marilee K

Bob is a seasoned FBA seller, and an authority on Amazon FBA selling.
So when you join his coaching program, you’ll be able to take advantage of his experience to learn the best tactics & tweaks on how to get started on FBA, including how to best utilize your budget to maximize your return on investment, not to mention where to find the most profitable products, sourcing ideas, sites, exclusive lists, to you name a few.  
But most importantly, Bob will teach you how to take your FBA business to the next level and beyond!  And to me, that’s simply the most valuable part of his coaching program period!  -Joe H.

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