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Here are some of your options to get started with 1-on-1 Coaching with Bob Willey.
I do all my own Coaching, I don’t farm it out to others, you will be working/speaking with ME.
We do most of our work on Skype Chat sessions, so we can see each other, share screens, work together, almost as personal as if we are in front of each other.

Check out the INITIAL INTERVIEW to get a first session at a reduced rate, to see if 1-on-1 Coaching is right for you.
Many coaching plans make your sign up to see what they offer, and they won’t let you out either. I want you to be comfortable, and know exactly what to expect. I am very low-pressure, and just like helping people, and have been paying it forward for many years now.

Join the TEAM, and let’s work on building your team today!!!


I offer several plans and a new Annual Coach/Mentor Program for monthly Skype Video Chats and unlimited e-mail support, to help coach / mentor you to a healthy successful business model.






Click HERE for more Rates(other options for # of sessions):click-here-to-get-started-button


  1. im very interested in becoming a online retailer can you contact me about your program and consultation thanks

  2. Does the sales vary with individuals or is there a minimum sum that you can guarantee with this one to one coaching? What’s the frequency of doing one to one coaching? Is it a one time payment of $2500?

    • The Annual 1-on-1 Coaching is a one-time payment for 12 months of monthly Skype Sessions and E-mail support. I also offer an Initial Interview to learn about Coaching. And also offer sessions if you just need some basic assistance. Bob

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