List of Amazon FBA Prep Services for Pack Ship to AZ Warehouse

With all of the new Prep/Pack/Ship services that are opening up, it was time to come up with a list of the ones that we are aware of at this time (many just started in 2015)


Inventory Prep Services
(Not in any particular order, I have verified that all websites or contact are valid as of 4/16/2015)

PrepLabelBox: Holly Sota CA

Consolidated Warehouse: Ben Coombes (Harrisburg, Oregon – tax free)

SellTecPrep: Kristal Graham (Roundup, Montana – tax free)
* Offers 2 week hold for shipment

PrepIt! PackIt! ShipIt!: Josie Shepard (Oceanside, California)

Fulfillment Butler: Jodi Larson (Springfield, Illinois) :

Prime Zero Prep: Brenden Sullivan & Mark (New Hampshire – tax free)

Central Wisconsin PrepPackShip: Mary Ann Tytor (Greenwood, Wisconsin)
* Guaranteed 24-48 hour turnaround

Texas PrepPack&Ship: Tony Patti (Grand Prairie, Texas) (Website under development)

MyInventory Team: John Bullard

FBA Inspection: Fort Bragg, CA Jim Smith

Douglas & Ashra Kolonia (Las Vegas, Nevada) (No Website yet, word of mouth)

Jared & C. Angel Crush
Phoenix AZ $1.39/unit including bundles/multipacks, everything shrink wrapped

Stoneworks Enterprises: Heather Stone Lewis Arlington TX (no website presence yet)



  1. Kenda Morrison is not longer affiliated with Fulfillment Butler and there is no longer a Texas location.

  2. You left us off your list! Use promo code FBA-Rocks for $10 off your order with us!

  3. should be a part of this list!

  4. Prep It Pack It Ship It now has two warehouses: one in southern California and one in Atlanta, Georgia. We are talking new customers. Our turn-around time is 24-48 hours, even during Q4!

  5. FwdToAmazin is there for you if you want to sell on!

    We are Ottawa, ON based and we serve Canadian and International sellers. We accept orders of all sizes, up to pallets, and offer a typical 24-48 hour turnaround

  6. We would love to be considered to be on your list. We will offer a $25 off coupon for anyone who gets are name from this site.
    our company is



  7. Quick Prep & Ship has launched and we are so excited to help FBA sellers take their business to the next level. We are taking new customers including international, and our turn around time is 24-48 hours. We accept online arbitrage, wholesale, and private label!

    Quick Prep & Ship

  8. We use these guys to label our supplements. Haven’t had an issue yet and they’re really good. They also do “small items”, as well as accept returned items for out of country sellers.

  9. Adding one more to this list, is based in California and offers fulfullment, QA, final product testing, final assembly and processes returned items for sellers.

  10. We’re the closest to the LosAngeles, Port, the main gateway for importing into the USA. Save money on getting your products to our warehouse with our prime location.

  11. FBA Express is a preferred partner for many of the liquidation companies located on the east coast. Also, they are one of only a handful of prep companies that are fully insured.

  12. FBA Prep and Go is located in NJ close to the third busiest port in the US and offers competitive a la carte pricing.

  13. Another add to the list. Pacific Prep Services is a tax free West coast prep center.


    We are a full service prep company that takes care of all your FBA needs!

  15. 24 Hour Turnaround Time & Simple Pricing! We Accept: Online Arbitrage, Wholesale & Private Label.

  16. No website yet. Please contact through email:

  17. Hi folks! Our FBA prep service is accepting new clients and wants to extend a special offer to fans of sellercoaching/fba rocksup. We offer 24-48 hour turnaround, and charge a flat per-unit fee to keep things super easy.

    Our flat rate includes all of the following:
    Inspection for Damage
    Price Sticker Removal
    FNSKU Labeling
    Poly Bags with Suffocation Warnings
    Bubble Wrap
    Dunnage / Void Fill
    Expiration Date Labels
    Damaged Item Handling
    Outbound Boxes
    Box Content information provided to Amazon
    14 days of Inventory Storage
    Paper Invoice Storage for 12 Months
    How does it work? You can ship your Online Arbitrage, Wholesale and/or Private Label products directly to us and we’ll take care of all the FBA prep and shipping to Amazon.
    Our standard rate is $1.25 per unit but for sellercoaching/fbarocks fans we’re offering a discount rate of $1.00 per unit through the end of 2016 as well as our current offer of Free New Client Setup ($49 value). Just put sellercoaching in the “Where did you hear about us” when signing up.

  18. Are you tired of seeing prep services in every other state EXCEPT Georgia?

    Tired of seeing these far away places and having to look at a map to find out where they are?

    If you answered Yes OR No, Profit Gopher is here to help! We’re in Marietta, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta (we could burrow 1 mile down the street and be back in the capital of the South). We do all the things the other guys do, but we do it with style, class, and fur. 🙂

    We don’t have a client setup fee because there’s nothing to setup. It’s all on the computer, we just add your name to our database and voila! You’re set up. Easy peasy.

    Through the end of 2016, let us know that you found us on FBA Rocks and we’ll rock your world with 25% off your services! Schweet!!

  19. MT Prep n Ship
    Tax Free State
    web site is under construction
    Have worked for FBA Clients
    Knowledge of unpacking, inspecting, prepping, shipments, reconcilation

  20. ShipFly (
    10+ years experience in ecommerce fulfillment
    Each account gets a knowledgeable and dedicated Account Manager

  21. Hi Sellers!
    We recently started our prep and ship service .Our pricing is very simple and lower than market prices. That’s why we will be working with a limited number of client to make sure that we provide higher level of service. We are located in Raleigh , North Carolina

    If you are interested, we will also offer ” My US Warehouse ” service (Q1 -2017) which will enable sellers to use the fastest 3PL service at lowest prices. What also differs us from other 3PL companies such as shipwire , redflag etc, is that we offer fully customized 3PL service.In other word, almost everything customized the way you want such as the size of shipping boxes, shipping method,managing inventory across marketplaces etc.

    Please feel free contact if you have any questions.

  22. Well, we’re over a year late to this post, but better late than never! Use promo code FBA-Rocks for $20 off your first FBA prep order with us!

    We are in tax free Oregon. And, we are the only FBA prep company that has five years of experience working directly with Amazon to prep goods for Amazon Warehouse Deals. Not to toot our own horn too much, but we’ve had many meetings with Amazon in Seattle. I highly suspect that no one else on this page can say that.

    -Jim Smith
    Founder, CEO

  23. Just launching a prep service for books and media only! Experienced FBA, we understand the unique needs of the bookseller. Perfect for online arbitrage, international sellers, or bookselling gypsies. Personalized service. We’ll work with you. Based in the upper Midwest. Email or give us a call.

  24. MT Prep n Ship Pro is new
    we are located in a tax free state
    Pricing is comparable
    24 – 48 turn around

  25. Priority Prep offers flat rate pricing, quick turn around, and 5+ years of experience with selling on Amazon. We know the requirements because we ship out thousands of products for our own personal account every week.

    Tel: 903-884-PREP (7737)

    -Matt McLain

  26. – We process books for online booksellers and prepare them to be sold Fulfillment by Amazon.

    Per book rates:
    $1.00 (with Listing)
    Reduced rates for high volume sellers

  27. Hi guys, Check out our new prep site. We have great rates for FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) Prep services.
    Tel: 858 4136465

  28. One Prep direct offers a FULL Range of FBA prep services! Check us out –>

  29. Out West Prep Services is now accepting new clients. Located in Oregon, we offer a great tax advantage!!! See our website for prices and information.

  30. Hi!

    Brown Box Ninja is a prep center out of Texas. Can you add them to your list?

    Thank you!

  31. We are located in Central Ohio and are currently accepting new client’s for 2018.

  32. We are located in Central Ohio and are currently accepting new client’s for 2018.

  33. Can you add Prep Gurus in Illinois to your list? They are great.

  34. Great article! I own and operate California FBA Prep Service. ( We’re offering 20% off your first shipment, and check our website for current pricing.

  35. has anyone reviewed any prep centers for quality of service please?

  36. We’ve been doing fulfillment for over 100 years! Yes, you read that right. Granted, not for Amazon. But we know a thing or two. Check us out at

  37. Bob. We are Amazon sellers that also have a prep and ship center in he Chicago area. Denise

  38. FBA Store & Prep in Garden Grove, CA is the most dependable and probably lowest priced company we’ve found. Would highly recommend them. Plus their location close to the Port cuts our shipping costs down as much as possible.

  39. We can Receive, Warehouse and Prep all your Amazon FBA inventory as you request. We can receive everything from LCL, FCL, Air and Ground shipments. We include a free online dashboard so you can view your inventory levels with us, place orders to ship to Amazon and also send us Delivery Notifications. Our location in Garden Grove, CA is close to the Port of Long Beach as well as Amazon’s Rialto warehouse saving you time and money on transport. Visit us out at or learn more at

  40. Hey, great website.
    If you could add our website to that list, it’d be great.
    we are a third party logistics company. We do everything from pick, pack and ship

  41. Hello All,

    We are launching a new Amazon FBA Prep Service. For starters, we will be doing books, CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games. We will receive Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or Wholesale orders- List, Prep, Pack and Ship is included in our flat-rate!

    Check us out!

    $1.50 per book or media item (audio book, DVD’s,CD’s and video games) sent by invoice
    $1.00 per book or media item audio book, DVD’s,CD’s and video games) for prepaid orders- 33% OFF

    $0 box fee! We provide all shipping material
    $0 Un-sticker Charge
    $0 60-day Storage Charge
    $0 Sticker Fee (FNSKU, Sold as Set etc.)
    $0 Listing Fee
    $0 Stranded Inventory Processing Fee (after 250 units prepped)
    $0 Returns Processing Fee (after 250 units prepped)
    $0 Membership Fee

  42. We are launching a new Amazon FBA Prep Service. For starters, we will be doing books, CD’s, DVD’s and Video Games. We will receive Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or Wholesale orders- List, Prep, Pack and Ship is included in our flat-rate!

    FBA prep center Usa

  43. We are located in Central United Kingdom and are currently accepting new client’s for 2018.

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